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Wix eCommerce Website Builder – Customizing Your Storefront

Wix eCommerce Website Builder – Customizing Your Storefront

Before we delve deeper you might want to have a look at this awesome video Wix has put together because of their Wix Editor.

Well if you choose to go with a template there is certainly a chance you need to make close to zero customizations, maybe tweak the colors to appeal to your brand.

However, let’s take a look on a basic layout your skill if you don’t desire to use a template that is premade.

For the given example we intend to make use of the One Page Layout and add Wix Store to it.

After adding Wix store through the Apps menu your eCommerce store will most likely look like that.

Assuming you decide to build it from “scratch”.

Now to the most aspect that is important of.

The drag and drop editor in addition to ability to change aspects of dynamically your design by simply clicking on the element regarding the template.

On the side that is left your main “Action Bar” which you can add and customize certain areas of your store.

The first part of the Action Bar

Enables you to edit the aspects that are following

  • Your site menu
  • Members Page
  • Store Pages

Since we are discussing the best eCommerce website builders we have been planning to only focus on the eCommerce region of the editor.

In this instance, if you click on Store Pages you’ll be able to to customize your; Product Page, Cart Page and Thank You page.

It’s time to give your store your personal touch after you customize your store pages.

The element that is second of Action Bar

Allows you to select the pitch-perfect background which will resonate because of the products you may be selling.

It’s important to select the right background for your eCommerce store and website in general.

As it will reflect your brand!

Wix gives you a huge number of backdrop images so that you can choose from along with videos.

Which could make your store look elegant and professional!

Therefore her latest blog trustworthy to potential customers.

The third component of the Action Bar gives you:

To incorporate a tone of design features to your store and exactly make it as you prefer!

As you care able to see through the add section you can add various design aspects.

Additionally, you can include other website elements like a blog for instance.

Although you will be able to add the following eCommerce store functionalities if you hover over the store category:

  • Grid Product Gallery
  • Slider Product Gallery
  • Product Widget(that allows you to feature a certain product or products on the top or below the gallery)
  • Add A Shopping Cart Software
  • Incorporate Add to Cart buttons
  • Other additional applications (Live Chat, Forms, etc.)

Each aspect you insert in your store you can easily freely move it from the template and add it exactly as you want!

Thus which makes it an excellent option should you want to build an eCommerce store exactly as you have it at heart.

The element that is fourth of Action Bar

Is the Wix App Market.

It even more where you can find additional eCommerce solutions to integrate within your eShop to supercharge!

My goal is to miss the next two elements as they are kinda irrelevant to eCommerce.

The element that is fifth your upload manager where you could manage your uploads therefore the sixth is there because I became dumb enough to add a blog section as well. ??

The Sixth & most Important Element

Could be the command center of one’s eCommerce store from here you can easily:

  • Manage your orders, add products and more
  • Store Pages
  • Adding Store Elements

Basically, with this tab alone it is possible to manage most of the aspects we mentioned in the sections that are previous.

You might ask why i did son’t show this from the begging and stay completed with Wix.

Because, I wanted to demonstrate you a full summary of the Wix Editor as well, to have a better comprehension of simple tips to expand it even more!

And therefore concludes the breakdown of the editor, although you will want to spend more than a few hours to become knowledgeable about it.

Wix eCommerce Website Builder Advantages

The Wix Editor has so many advantages that are creative!

Let’s get rolling.

The Editor:

The edits you make on your storefront directly reflect the overall design of the storefront, therefore you won’t ever be at nighttime with regards to making the best edits!

It’s ideal for amateurs that are looking to start selling in only a matter of minutes with the use of Wix ADI to build their store.

Wix wants you to definitely build a brand and that is why most of its features are targeted on designing the eCommerce store that is perfect.

Nobody can argue that Wix has many of the most appealing designs and templates available that will be a significant advantage if you are trying to find a professional glance at a cost that is low.

Outside the editor:

Multilingual support is a aspect that is huge contrast with other eCommerce website builders.

That allows you to definitely translate your entire website into a different language to reach much more people.

And more people means increased sales!

Wix eCommerce Website Builder Cons

All the major cons of Wix eCommerce website builder are in fact outside the builder.

For instance, limited marketing automation features and integrations make it a less appealing choice for a practiced eCommerce professional.

5. X-Cart – An under-one-umbrella eCommerce solution provider

X-Cart eCommerce Builder Overview

X-Cart is the oldest PHP eCommerce solution provider out there – its history begins back in 2001, during the very origins of online sales (when eCommerce as a phenomenon just started to evolve).

However, this platform can’t be called old or outdated, we’ve checked it out. To the contrary, it is fast and progressive and it has every tool & feature that a modern online store might need.

X-Cart is actually an ideal mixture of contrasts: it’s complex yet resource efficient, it is customizable and upgradeable yet stable, it is easy-to-maintain yet gives an admin full control.

What distinguishes X-Cart among other eCommerce solutions is the fact that it comes with the full variety of services right from its developers.

They have in-house tech support team (available 24/7, btw), developers and designers, provide their very own hosting, and SEO audit and optimization.

This solution suits small, medium, and enterprise-level corporations and certainly will fulfill the needs of retail, B2B, international and multi-channel sales, marketplaces and sites that are wordPress-based.

X-Cart eCommerce Website Builder – Themes

Into the X-Cart built-in App Store, it is possible to choose among over 80 free and paid themes – all gorgeous and 100% responsive, this means your store can look and work equally good on any device, be it desktop, tablet or smaller device that is mobile.

Those individuals who have certain technical skills can also develop their own website theme as X-Cart is an open code platform.

Every template that is graphic designed with customer needs and preferences at heart.

What’s more, most of the themes are lightweight, which leaves extra resources for more people to your site. More visitors + attractive interface = higher conversion rates.

X-Cart’s eCommerce layouts are organized by industry (Apparel, Fashion, Autoparts, Books, Furniture, Military, etc.), which simplifies the entire process of choosing your preferred.

As is, which would be great, or customize it, which can make your store even more buyer-friendly after you select the theme that suits your business needs, you may leave it.

X-Cart eCommerce Website Builder – Customizing Your Storefront

Okay, now you can start customizing it to mirror your brand’s uniqueness that you’ve found your theme of choice. X-Cart offers a template that is handy layout editor in the webmaster mode.

It is possible to drag and drop layout blocks or edit texts right on the storefront along with switch layouts and add or remove blocks there.

Additionally, it is possible to develop a template that is new scratch or edit any ready theme files within the admin backend but that will require certain coding skills.

X-Cart also provides on-demand design creation services, either centered on a template which you chose or completely from scratch. Considering the fact that X-Cart’s open-source, it is possible to just draw what your site should seem like and X-Cart designers will code it.

X-Cart’s Pros

X-Cart gives the admin control over the whole website, the admin backend is where you handle your store. It’s choke-full of numerous tools for administration, yet the interface is intuitive, so overall, it’s simple to use.

As an effective online business owner, one of the main priorities should really be your clients’ comfort visiting your internet site and purchasing away from you. To achieve this, X-Cart offers an intuitive interface, simple and clean-looking storefront and a variety of checkout options, languages, currencies, etc.


Being an open-source software, X-Cart is highly customizable. Also, the basic functionality can be extended with 1000+ plug-ins in the built-in App Store – just like you install games and apps on your Android or iOS device.

Price of ownership:

X-Cart’s enterprise-level package seems fairly cheaper than most alike solutions, considering the fact that you simply pay money for the program once vs. once a year, which other companies, like Shopify or BigCommerce, offer.

The advantage that is big zero transaction fees. You won’t need certainly to share your revenue – profit!

X-Cart’s Cons

With regards to usability and cost of Enterprise plan, X-Cart is a rather choosable solution.

Its pricing starts through the Free edition and ends with $5,995 for lifelong license. Mind you, this is simply not the cost that is total you’ll still have to host it somewhere.

Hosting may also cost you quite a few doubloons. X-Cart is a complex piece of software and most won’t that is likely properly on cheap hosting that is shared.

However, X-Cart offers their own hosting service starting from $30 each month. The good thing is, for its price you will get round-the-clock support, fully-managed VPS hosting as well as the servers trimmed especially for X-Cart. So that you shall like the speed of the site.

The option that is free fully functional and contains all of the necessary features, for example. it is not a demo, it is possible to totally sell your products with it. However, its functionality is somewhat limited, particularly in terms of SEO and marketing tools.

Although X-Cart is open-source and customizable, you’ll need certain coding skills to tweak its functionality. Design – not so much because of the webmaster mode.

So to sum up, X-Cart’s cons are:

  • Limited features into the Free edition.
  • The need to get a good hosting or opt-in with their services.
  • Significance of programming skills should you want to add custom functionality.

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